Systems and Network Administrator   File Reference Number: SY-095

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The Information Technology & Facility Services department provides infrastructure and computer systems support for CCOHS. The Information Technology & Facility Services department is responsible for the design and development and maintenance of CCOHS computer systems, including network, server and security systems, and ensures that CCOHS has the capacity to support internal and external users through Internet and internal networks.

The Systems and Network Administrator is responsible for installing, configuring, administering and optimizing server, network and personal computer hardware and software to achieve high levels of availability and security of the supported business applications. The incumbent participates in the planning and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure system deployment and maintenance that is consistent with CCOHS goals, industry best practices, and government requirements. The incumbent is responsible for planning and purchasing of hardware and software for use on servers and personal computers.


  1. Manages servers, including web, e-mail, processing, file, SPAM and backup servers and their associated operating systems and software. Plans and implements server upgrades, maintenance fixes, and vendor-supplied patches. Administers and maintains virtual hosts including replication and backups. Administers and maintains end user accounts, permissions, and access rights. Performs server backups and recovers files as necessary. Participates in rotating on-call duties with other system administrators for server or network problems. (35%)

  2. Manages network and security hardware and software, including routers, switches, firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention systems, and Universal Power Supplies (UPS). Monitors and maintains CCOHS Internet connections. (20%)

  3. Researches, obtains vendor quotes and performs all necessary steps to procure IT related hardware, software and services required for CCOHS. (20%)

  4. Provides software application support to all staff as well as occasional hardware support when required. Provides informal training on hardware and software applications when required. (10%)

  5. Contributes to the IT security team (MITS) mandate by performing threat and risk assessments, security awareness training and responding to government requests. Manages security solutions, including firewall, and intrusion detection and prevention systems. Manages SSL certificates for servers. (5%)

  6. Documents processes and procedures (e.g. backup server, firewall changes) and any changes to existing systems. (5%)

  7. Prepares regular reports pertaining to the above and performs other related duties, as required. (5%)

Nature and Scope of Position

The position reports directly to the Director, Information Technology & Facility Services. The incumbent is one of four positions responsible for systems and network administration. The Systems and Network Administrator is responsible for providing technical support, setup and operational maintenance of computer system hardware and software, as well as technical support for computer applications and communications software. The incumbent works closely with members of the Information Technology & Facility Services department and other teams, as assigned. The incumbent is expected to participate in the planning of the departmental or team activities, to ensure that they play an active part in achieving the goals without causing work overload or imposing conflicting demands, including deadlines. They must adjust to frequently changing priorities and deadlines and notify the Director, Information Technology & Facility Services and team lead(s) should time constraints or other challenges arise that require resolution. The incumbent is accountable for completing work agreed to and assigned in monthly plans and annual business plans.


The incumbent is required to have:

  • a sound knowledge of many operating systems (e.g. Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server, Linux and MacOS X).
  • a sound knowledge of server virtualization technology (VMware and Veeam).
  • strong knowledge of current systems software, protocols, and standards including Active Directory, mail, DNS, DHCP, Citrix, VPNs and TCP/IP.
  • experience installing, configuring and maintaining server hardware (e.g. SCSI, RAID, SAN and NAS.)
  • a thorough knowledge and understanding of the implications, performance, security and integration impacts of changes to server and network configurations.
  • a working knowledge of scripting languages and tools such as Perl, c-shell, grep, sed and PowerShell to manage files, processes and permissions.
  • good working knowledge of desktop applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook), web browsers, Adobe products and a variety of security protection software.
  • sound knowledge of cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.
  • a sound understanding of the procurement process.
  • troubleshoots procurement problems and navigates the Shared Services procurement process.


The incumbent:

  • researches good practices and current trends when implementing or improving systems.
  • develops, recommends and implements new hardware, software and procedures for optimum automation and performance of the various servers.
  • considers the effect on CCOHS staff and customers when making configuration changes.
  • responds to IT security incidents to minimize the impact, eliminate the vulnerabilities, and documents the actions taken.
  • troubleshoots software and hardware problems in a timely manner. These are often server, network, Internet connection or personal computer problems affecting many staff, all staff or customers.


The incumbent is accountable for:

  • ensuring the availability of servers, network, cloud-based services, Internet connection infrastructure and personal computers, and for developing processes and procedures for ongoing management of this infrastructure.
  • ensuring the availability of remote access capabilities for staff.
  • ensuring the systems infrastructure meets CCOHS IT security requirements.
  • preparing recommendations for technical solutions.
  • providing guidance to other members of the team.
  • writing the necessary systems documentation to ensure that other administrators can understand and administer the servers, network and Internet connection.
  • producing IT security threat and risk assessments and other reports or feedback as required.
  • being available to identify and fix problems after regular work hours.
  • resolving IT security issues in a timely fashion.
  • ensuring procurement of proper hardware, software and IT services is cost effective and completed according to scheduled needs.

Working Conditions

Physical Effort: The employee works at a computer (keyboarding and mousing to read and reply to e-mail, prepare reports, review information, etc.) for the majority of the work day. The work is interspersed with non-computer based activity, such as reading, thinking, proof-reading, photocopying, filing. The employee has some control over the workload and has the opportunity to get up, stretch, and walk on a regular basis. Some stooping and lifting or handling of heavy objects may be required.

Physical Environment: The employee works at a desk and/or a computer workstation with a keyboard and a mouse for the majority of the work day. The workstation and desk are ergonomically set up, with a wrist rest, mouse rest, document holder, task lamp, as required. The lighting meets standards and there are adjustable blinds on the windows as required. The building environmental controls meet general office requirements. Some risk of RMI due to intensity and duration of work unless safe work procedures outlined are followed. There is a risk of injury from lifting and using tools. Work is often performed in awkward positions. The server room is noisy and there is frequent exposure to dust and dirt.

Sensory Attention: The position requires concentration to compose, enter data, proof-read, quality assure, read routine information, communicate with others via e-mail, search for information and listen to others carefully. The work requires close concentration when installing software, making configuration changes, applying patches and updates, and trouble-shooting problems. There is a need to use senses such as hearing and smell to identify problems such as equipment malfunctions (sometimes in a noisy environment).

Mental Stress: There are priorities and deadlines which need to be met on a regular basis. There are interruptions from colleagues, supervisor or telephone calls. The employee has some control over the pace of work. Work may be repetitious. The position must deal with sometimes angry and frustrated staff having computer problems. There is disruption to lifestyle while being on call to respond to after-hours server or network emergencies. There are frequent interruptions. There are periods of high stress when restarting downed servers, networks or during IT security incidents that affect both internal and external customers.


  • Post-Secondary Degree or Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems or related program experience administering computers, servers and networks.
  • Proficiency in using and administering Linux and Windows server operating systems.
  • Experience with other operating systems including Windows 7/8/10, Cisco IOS and MacOS X.
  • Five years experience with server, network and web standards and protocols such as Active Directory, mail, Citrix XenApp, VMware, Veeam, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, VPNs, HTTP and HTML.
  • Must have experience installing, configuring and maintaining server hardware including RAID, SAN and NAS.
  • Five years experience with scripting languages such as Perl, c-shell, grep, sed and PowerShell.
  • Experience with a relational database management system such as MySQL is beneficial.
  • Strong problem-solving, troubleshooting abilities and analytical skills are required.
  • Strong client service focus.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and as part of a team.
  • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot network, server and personal computer problems, and develop effective solutions.
  • Ability to operate under deadlines and manage competing requests from multiple program areas.
  • Experience with system testing concepts would be an asset.
  • Good interpersonal and communications (oral and written) skills.


Within the range of

$72,940 to $93,911 (CCOHS-09) per annum.

Permanent, full time

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

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