e-Course Builder (Bilingual) (1-Year Temporary) File Reference Number: TR-108

Through its services and products, CCOHS advances health and safety in Canadian workplaces, and the physical and mental well-being of Canadians.

The Education Services Unit provides a high quality and dependable service to fulfill the health and safety related education needs of Canadian workplace participants through:

The e-Course Builder contributes to the work of the Service Unit by:


    • Designs and builds interactive and engaging new e-courses of varying lengths (e.g. 2 to 30 minutes) using e-course building software. Lays out pages to incorporate text and images. Liaises with Graphics staff and subject matter experts to ensure that e-course images are appropriate. Incorporates voiceover files for e-courses generated from applicable technology.
    • (80%)
    • Performs quality assurance activities at various stages of course development to ensure that the e-course meets CCOHS' standards – includes reviewing courses built by peers, reviewing audio files, checking links to legislation in e-courses, etc.
    • (10%)
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • (10%)

Scope of Position

The position reports to the Manager, Education Services Unit. The position will also work closely with the Manager, Public Health Partnership Service Unit whose team will be providing the content to be developed into e-courses.

The e-Course Builder works closely with the Bilingual E-Learning Quality Assurance and Production Coordinator, other members of the Education Services Service Unit, members of the Public Health Partnership and Client Services and Technical Services Service Units, as well as having occasional contact with the external e-learning delivery partner.

The incumbent is expected to participate in the planning of the Service Unit or Team activities, to ensure that they play an active part in achieving the goals without causing work overload or imposing conflicting demands, including deadlines. They must adjust to frequently changing priorities and deadlines, and notify their Service Unit Manager and team lead(s) should time constraints or other challenges arise that require resolution.


The incumbent is required to have strong knowledge of instructional design best practices to develop courses, ensuring the creation of engaging and creative courses.

The position requires good knowledge of e-course building software systems (e.g. Articulate 360) and voiceover generating technology, including their capabilities and limitations, formatting options and techniques for displaying content to develop interactive, engaging and accessible e-courses of varying lengths.

The incumbent is required to have good knowledge of web, word processing and other software programs used in the creation, editing and quality assurance of e-courses, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

The incumbent is required to thoroughly learn and apply the standard operating procedures for e-course building used by the Service Unit, including how to implement accessibility requirements into e-courses being built. Knowledge of these standard procedures will also be applied when the incumbent quality assures course builds developed by other team members.

The incumbent has a great deal of interaction with both a variety of internal clients, and must have very strong interpersonal skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both official languages is strongly preferred/required.


When building e-courses, the incumbent must work with the assigned e-course authoring software and/or make judgment calls when there is too much information for a screen layout. This often involves selecting or changing the layout of the text and graphics on a screen layout, or splitting material logically over multiple screens, which the incumbent usually does without consulting others in advance. The incumbent is expected to notice typographical errors (and fix them), as well as inconsistencies and awkward wording. They consult with the Bilingual E-Learning Quality Assurance and Production Coordinator or e-course author before changing inconsistent content or awkward wording. The built course is reviewed by others.

The incumbent is required to identify when the standard operating procedures to build a course have not been followed and identify them to the original course builder to fix. There is some judgment in deciding what type of variation from the standard procedures is acceptable or not.

The incumbent is also required to work with the audio generating software – fixing the wording in the text script to ensure that the software generates the correct enunciation of words.


The incumbent is responsible for building, editing and quality assuring CCOHS e-learning courses (including the audio component) in both English and/or French as assigned following the e-Course building standard operating procedures for CCOHS.

The incumbent participates in the activities of relevant Service Units and Project Teams by providing input and new suggestions on processes, procedures, and product development, as well was as client feedback on CCOHS products and services.

Working Conditions

  • Physical Effort: The employee works at a computer (keyboarding and mousing to read and reply to e-mail, prepare reports, review information, etc.) for the majority of the work day. The work is interspersed with non-computer based activity, such as reading, thinking, proof-reading, photocopying, filing. The employee has some control over the daily workload and has the opportunity to get up, stretch, and walk on a regular basis. Some stooping and lifting (or handling of light material) may be required
  • Physical Environment: The employee works at a desk and/or a computer workstation with a keyboard and a mouse for the majority of the workday. The workstation and desk are ergonomically set up with a wrist rest, mouse rest, document holder, task lamp, as required. The lighting meets standards and there are adjustable blinds on the windows as required. The building environmental controls meet general office requirements. A high volume of production work and precision is required in this position. There is a potential for RMI during heavy production times on tight deadlines, unless safe work procedures outlined are followed.
  • Sensory Attention: High concentration is required to build, edit and quality assure e-courses and the various components that make up the e-course. Requires a high amount of attention to detail.
  • Mental Stress: There are multiple production schedules to be met on a regular basis. Priorities and deadlines change frequently.


  • Secondary school diploma and at least two years’ experience with instructional design principles and best practices, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience with and sound knowledge of e-course development software (e.g. Articulate 360), audio editing software, as well as word processing and spreadsheet and software (e.g. Word, Excel) is strongly preferred.
  • Excellent accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a team atmosphere.
  • Ability to communicate in both official languages is required.


Within the range of

$52,677 to $65,847 (CCOHS-06) per annum.

Temporary, full time

Application Deadline

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Quote File Reference Number: TR-108

To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to jobs@ccohs.ca.

Attach resume as an MS Word or PDF document.

Note: All resumes are maintained confidential and are kept on file for a period of six months.

Attaining reliability security status is a condition of employment for all CCOHS positions.

We thank all candidates for their interest; however, only those under consideration will be contacted.