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Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS

Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS
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Infographic: Effective Health and Safety Committees

Effective Health and Safety Committees Infographic

A health and safety committee, comprised of worker and management representatives who meet regularly, brings the internal responsibility system into practice. This system recognizes that the employer and workers have a shared responsibility for workplace health and safety, with the employer having the final authority and responsibility. In most Canadian jurisdictions a health and safety committee is required by law.

This infographic outlines requirements and good practices for an effective health and safety committee, from defining roles and responsibilities, to providing training and resources, to recognizing and addressing workplace hazards.

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Impairment and Cannabis in the Workplace

Being impaired at work – whether caused by alcohol, drugs, or another source – can affect a worker’s ability to focus, make decisions, follow instructions, and handle equipment and tools. With recreational cannabis set to become legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018, what does this mean for employers, who have an obligation under the law to make sure that all workers have the ability to do their jobs safely?

This one-hour online course focuses on impairment and the steps a workplace can take to address this issue, using cannabis as an example. Key steps include educating and training supervisors and employees on recognizing and dealing with impairment, providing clear guidance to all parties, and using a fair and consistent approach when applying policies and procedures.

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Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Feeling overwhelmed by stress at work? Here are three ways to get support:

  • Talk to your supervisor. Start by having an open conversation with your supervisor. They may not be aware that you are struggling. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with an effective plan for managing your work or the stressors you've identified so you can perform your job.
  • Set realistic goals. Work with management to set realistic expectations and deadlines. Set regular progress reviews and adjust your goals as needed.
  • Seek and accept help. Your employer may also have resources available through an employee assistance program (EAP), including online information, available counseling and referral to mental health professionals, if needed. Accepting help from trusted friends and family members or professionals can improve your ability to manage stress.

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CCOHS Forum: Registration Now Open

CCOHS Forum 2019. March 5-6. Winnipeg, MB

The stage is set for March 5-6, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba where CCOHS’ sixth Forum will deliver two days of inspiration, innovations and discussion featuring an exciting roster of world-class speakers.

Building on the theme of The Changing World of Work, CCOHS Forum is a unique national event that will bring together leaders, change-makers, and subject experts representing government, labour, and workplaces to share their knowledge and experience around current and emerging health and safety issues.

Register now at the early bird rate of $595. A student rate is also available.

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Podcast: Lightning Safety

Whether you fear lightning or consider it a natural wonder, it’s a very real hazard that requires caution.

In this podcast, CCOHS shares tips on what safety measures to take when faced with a lightning storm while working outdoors.

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