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Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS

Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS
March 2014 | Français

Infographic: Laying Out the Basics of a PPE Program

Learn more about the role of personal protective equipment in the workplace

PPE Basics (Personal Protective Equipment) collage on CCOHS website

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Hazards exist in every workplace so strategies to protect workers are essential. When possible, the priority should be the elimination and control of hazards at their source or along the path between the source and the worker.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be considered as the last level of protection when all other methods are not available or possible. PPE is only one element in a complete safety program that would use a variety of strategies to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and does not reduce the hazard itself nor does it guarantee permanent or total protection.

Learn more about the most common types of PPE, as well as designing an effective PPE program, in our latest infographic.

Ontario Supervisors, Get Ready by July

Awareness e-course for Ontario supervisors now available

Under the new Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation of the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act), which comes into force on July 1, 2014, all employers in Ontario must ensure that their supervisors complete a basic health and safety awareness training program. This course meets this requirement.

Everyone in the workplace, from the employer to the newest worker, has important duties to keep the workplace and workers safe. Under the law, a supervisor is any person who has authority over others or the workplace itself. People who supervise use many other titles, including manager, team leader, or group co-ordinator.

The duties will vary depending on the position, but as a supervisor, you will take direction from your employer, and give direction to the workers you supervise. It is important for you to understand the health and safety responsibilities that everyone has in the workplace.

This one-hour course explains your role and duties as a supervisor regarding health and safety at the workplace, why it is important to know what Ontario's OSHA and regulations require, and outlines how to recognize, assess, control and evaluate hazards to keep your workers safe.

Case studies, quizzes and a final exam help to measure and encourage learning. Upon finishing the course, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion. With the purchase of a multi-seat account, employers are able to track and demonstrate that their supervisors have successfully completed the course.

This course is recommended for supervisors in Ontario workplaces, and employers may also find this course helpful. Workers and health and safety committee members are encouraged to take the Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Workers course.

Learn more about the Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Supervisors course

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Learn about Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and your key role as a supervisor.

CCOHS Member Spotlight: SITE

As part of our ongoing series highlighting the CCOHS Membership Program, we introduce you to a Platinum-level member, SITE.

Describe your organization.

SITE provides fully-integrated environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas, and resource development companies. We strive to consistently deliver exceptional quality management within every level of a project's lifecycle.

SITE Energy Services : an external website

Why did you become a member?

SITE became a member of CCOHS to ensure we provide the most current and relevant health and safety information to our workers.

Describe your health and safety initiatives and programs.

At SITE, our primary objective is creating a company wide culture of exceptional quality management and an unbeatable commitment to health and safety. Ensuring this commitment is upheld through the entire SITE family is our foremost priority- from our corporate management and our employees to our affiliate subcontractors, suppliers, and direct service providers.

In order to conserve this partnership of safety, quality and performance, SITE has adopted a comprehensive Safety Management System. This SMS involves:

  • Conducting inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, to control health hazards, and to comply with all safety and health standards.
  • Four (4) levels of hazard assessments that are used company wide.
  • Providing equipment and mechanical safeguards, including GPS in all of our operating vehicles.
  • Orientation and training of all employees in safety and health procedures and ensuring they cooperate and comply as a condition of employment.
  • Implementing necessary personal protective equipment and instruction.
  • Investigating every incident, promptly and thoroughly to find and correct the cause.
  • Maintaining emergency response systems and procedures.
  • Enforcing industry leading Alcohol and Drug policies.
  • Safety awards and recognitions, including "Manager's Awards" and "Job Well Done Awards".
  • COR Certification.

Maintaining the standards and principles of our Safety Management System, with the ultimate goal of zero incidents and injury, drives everything we do.

Learn more about how to become a CCOHS Member and the many benefits of enrollment

Manage Your Health and Safety Program Online

New OSH Wise software provides all the tools

OSH Wise product webpage

Are you a small to medium-sized organization looking for assistance with developing and maintaining a health and safety program?

The new OSH Wise software tool from CCOHS can help you to do just that. Bundled with comprehensive and reliable resources, OSH Wise guides you step-by-step to set up your health and safety program online.

  • Develop, manage and improve your workplace health and safety program through an accessible, scalable and mobile-friendly online software solution
  • Achieve and demonstrate continuous due diligence and compliance
  • Facilitate improvement by recording ongoing processes, system, and document review

OSH Wise is available at special, time-limited introductory pricing and includes more than $700 in CCOHS training resources.

Learn more about OSH Wise

April 28 is the National Day of Mourning

Join CCOHS in a day of reflection and commitment

April 28th is the National Day of Mourning in Canada, and the numbers indicate why this day is still needed. 977 workplace deaths were recorded in the country in 2012, up from 919 the previous year. This represents more than 2.7 deaths every single day. In the 20 year period from 1993 to 2012, 18,039* people lost their lives due to work-related causes (an average of 902 deaths per year).

Officially recognized by the federal government in 1991, the National Day of Mourning sees the flag on Parliament Hill flying at half mast. Meanwhile, we will pause, remember those who have lost their lives or been injured in the workplace and resolve to prevent future tragedies.

Organizations can show their support by displaying a Day of Mourning poster and distributing stickers and commemorative pins. As a Liaison reader, you can save 15% on your order by using Promo Code DOMJ2014 during online checkout or mention it when calling 1-800-668-4284. This offer expires March 31, and we encourage you to also place your order by this date in order to ensure that you receive your materials on time.

You can also show your support online, by adding in a Day of Mourning cover photo to your Facebook page or profile.

Learn more about the National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning —   April 28

Featured e-Course

Workplace Violence in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction: Establish a Prevention Program

Every organization in the federal jurisdiction must have a workplace violence prevention policy that is jointly developed by management and employees. This document is the foundation of your violence prevention program.

This course introduces managers, supervisors and employees in the Canadian federal jurisdiction to this and other key components of an effective program.

You will gain the necessary knowledge and have the right tools to take action to eliminate or minimize the potential for workplace violence, and to establish a program in compliance with the Canada Labour Code, Part II requirements.

Learn more about this e-course

The related Workplace Violence in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction: Recognize the Risk and Take Action e-course helps front-line supervisors and workers in federally-regulated businesses and organizations develop a clear understanding of what workplace violence is, what preventive measures can be taken and the importance of reporting incidents.

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Classroom Courses

The following dates and locations have been added to our classroom course calendar.

Health & Safety for Managers and Supervisors in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction

Ottawa, ON
May 12

Halifax, NS
June 5

Saskatoon, SK
June 19

OH&S Events

  • Safety Services Nova Scotia Annual Health and Safety Conference

    Halifax, NS
    March 26 - 27
  • Western Conference on Safety

    Vancouver, BC
    April 14 - 15
  • Partners in Prevention 2014 Health & Safety Conference & Trade Show

    Mississauga, ON
    April 29 - 30

  • AIHce Annual Conference & Expo

    San Antonio, TX, USA
    May 31 - June 5

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Client Corner

Discontinuation of Legislation Disc Service

As previously announced, we are discontinuing the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation service on DVD, and will move exclusively to an online service as of April 2014.

Remaining disc clients are encouraged to make the switch to Web, for these benefits:

  • Daily (instead of quarterly) updates
  • Easy and flexible access from any computer with Internet

If you feel that Web access is not a viable option for your organization, contact Laurie Tirone at your earliest convenience to discuss your options, if you have not already done so.