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Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS

Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS
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Infographic: Sitting at Work

Sitting at Work Tips to download

Canadians are spending more time sitting at work in low activity jobs. Those who spend long periods in a seated position on the job are at risk for injury and a variety of adverse health effects, from muscle cramps, strains and fatigue to diabetes and heart problems.

A good sitting position at work can be achieved by focusing efforts on three areas: workplace design, job design, and training. Employers can also help greatly by introducing opportunities for regular physical activity throughout the day and making it part of how work is done every day.

Share this infographic with tips to help get you out of your seat.

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Start the Conversation

Poor mental health not only hurts the individual, it also impacts an organization's bottom line and ability to thrive. Having the support of their workplace can make a world of difference for workers with mental health issues.

Watch the video and start the conversation. A few simple words can make a difference. For more information and resources on mental health in the workplace, visit our Healthy Minds website.

Emotional Intelligence At Work

Missed our NAOSH Week webinar on emotional intelligence and how it relates to the workplace? The recorded session is now available for on-demand viewing anytime. From a definition by Dr. Reuven Bar-On, emotional intelligence is "an array of non-cognitive capabilities, competencies, and skills that influence our ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures."

Through practical examples, certified experiential psychotherapist and emotional intelligence coach Sue Freeman outlines what emotional intelligence means for personal and professional growth, developing successful teams, and satisfying clients.

Canada's Top Youth Safety Video is...

Congratulations to the winners of our Focus on Safety National Youth Video Contest:

First place: Safe Work 2016

Sarah Mohammed and Rain Cahigas, Manitoba

Second place: Breakdown

Raagavi Ramenthiran, Jaclyn Chiu, Jessica Gu, and Morgan McKay, Ontario

Third place: Workplace Safety - It's Your Job

Shannen Garibay and Maria Himbeault, Saskatchewan

Also voted Fan Favourite

This annual contest invites youth from across Canada to create an original video that illustrates the importance of workplace health and safety. The top video from each participating province and territory moves onto the National Youth Video Contest, where a judging panel selects the first, second and third place winners. The public also get their say by voting online for their Fan Favourite.

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Poster Clearance Sale: Last Chance

Poster Clearance Sale: Last Chance webpage.

Get the word out about important health and safety messages by displaying eye-catching, full-colour CCOHS posters throughout your workplace. For a limited time, enjoy 60% off a great selection of some of our most popular posters. Sale ends May 31, 2016 or while supplies last.

See all CCOHS posters on sale

Featured e-Course: Working at Heights

Working at heights is a common activity, but it can pose serious hazards. Falls frequently result in severe injuries or fatalities.

Protect your workers by managing the risks of working at heights. Learn to assess and control hazards related to working at heights, including fall prevention and fall protection.

This introductory course should be supplemented by further instruction and hands-on training that is specific to the job, worksite, equipment and jurisdiction.

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Canadian enviroOSH Legislation plus Standards

Quickly and easily determine your responsibilities under the law. Tap into the most current Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation online, with referenced Standards just a click away for seamless access.

WHMIS 2015 Instructor's Toolkit

WHMIS has changed. This Toolkit covers the information needed for trainers to teach the general WHMIS education requirements, highlighting information that workers need to know, and provides an overview of safe work practices and procedures for hazardous products used in the workplace.

CCOHS Membership

As a CCOHS Member, you receive a discount on our products and services, valuable health and safety resources, and the opportunity to demonstrate your organization's commitment to workplace wellness, health and safety.


Tips on Worker Visibility

There is danger in the shadows. It could be working on a highway at night or in a loading bay at dusk. Low light and poor visibility can make it difficult to see workers, and this fact puts them at risk for serious injury or death. CCOHS provides tips on how high-visibility safety apparel can help workers be seen and kept safe.

Injured on the Job: Amber Hiuser's Road to Recovery

Threads of Life speaker Amber Hiuser shares her personal story of recovery from being injured on the job as a young worker.