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Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS

Liaison: the latest news from CCOHS
November 2016 | Français

Infographic: Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

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Generally defined as any unwelcome behaviour that demeans, embarrasses, humiliates, annoys, alarms, or verbally abuses a person, bullying and harassment can be both obvious and subtle.

Share this infographic listing types of bullying behaviour and what employers can do to address this issue and develop a respectful and safe work environment.

[Text version of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace]

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What does legislation in your jurisdiction say about workplace violence? Find out.

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Know the Law: Are you protecting your workers?

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New WHMIS 2015 e-Courses

WHMIS is the law in every Canadian workplace. Increase your understanding of the new WHMIS 2015 system and your responsibilities under it with the help of two new e-courses from CCOHS.

WHMIS 2015: Understanding SDSs

This course explores in-depth the safety data sheet. As the main way in which important health and safety information is communicated from the manufacturer or supplier to the workplace, the SDS needs to be readily understood by those who use hazardous products.

WHMIS 2015 for Managers and Supervisors

Learn about your WHMIS duties and responsibilities as a supervisor or manager. This course summaries the changes to WHMIS – pictograms and their meanings, product labels, and safety data sheets – and includes guidance and measures you can take to protect your employees and prevent injuries and illneses at work.

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Free App for Answers to Your Health and Safety Questions

The new OSH Answers app contains all our easy-to-read, question-and-answer fact sheets from the CCOHS website – almost 600 in total. Organized by major subject areas, the app also includes a handy search box so you can find answers even faster. Once it is downloaded to your device, it can be used offline, such as in remote areas and on manufacturing shop floors. The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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MSDS Management Service

We can help manage your safety data sheets. Learn how.

It's Not Too Late to Have Your Say

What are the top barriers and issues affecting the health and safety of workplaces in Canada, and what can we do about them? Seize your opportunity to be heard by taking part in an online survey that continues the conversation sparked at Forum 2016 held earlier this year in Vancouver. Survey closes on December 30.

See if you agree with the top barriers, issues and ideas

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Study OSH? Win a Scholarship

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Have a health and safety student in your life? Tell them about the Dick Martin Scholarship Award. This national award is open to students enrolled in an occupational health and safety course or program in an accredited college or university in Canada, leading to an occupational health and safety certificate, diploma or degree. A total of three $3000 scholarships is up for grabs. Entry deadline is January 31.

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Health and Safety Solutions for the Aging Workforce

How do the physical and mental changes that come with aging affect workers and the jobs that they do? In this podcast, listen in as CCOHS Senior Technical Specialist Jan Chappel discusses what workplaces can do to ensure the aging population is healthy and safe at work.

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