Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA+ Capacity

Given the size of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), CCOHS does not have resources to dedicate full time resources to the Gender Based Plus (GBA+) initiative. However, CCOHS does recognize its importance and is committed to ensuring diverse groups of workers in Canada benefit from our programs. CCOHS’ leadership team, along with its tripartite Council of Governors, ensure that GBA+ perspectives are integrated into departmental decision-making processes by requiring CCOHS to assess the potential implications of products and services produced to support the diverse populations of Canadians.

One of CCOHS’ goals for fiscal year 2019-20 was to promote and monitor the usage of the CCOHS Gender, Work and Health web portal. This portal provides policy makers and workplaces with current and relevant research and tools for their reference and use. In order to create safe and healthy workplaces, CCOHS must understand how gender influences work and health, and integrate gender considerations into occupational safety and health activities.

CCOHS’ second goal was to continue to ensure that all imagery used in social media campaigns, products and other public facing outputs was inclusive and reflected the diversity of the people of Canada.

A third goal set for fiscal year 2019-20 was the creation of a framework for an inclusion and diversity program, which included a commitment for recruitment and development activities to increase social and cultural diversity in the workplace.

Highlights of GBA+ Results by Program
National Occupational Health and Safety Resource

In fiscal year 2019-20 CCOHS promoted and monitored the usage of the CCOHS Gender, Work, and Health website. This website provides information and resources to help employers understand how the physical differences and psychosocial factors influence the rate of injury and illness among men, women, and non-binary people working identical jobs. This year, more than 15 gender health relevant resources were added, and the website served as a landing page for a social marketing campaign CCOHS deployed from January to February 2020 on the caregiver-inclusive workplace standard. As a result, the website had a surge in usage of 49% from the previous year. Usage of the resources on the site continues to grow as additional resources are developed.

CCOHS also continues to ensure that all products and services posted by CCOHS are written in plain language, are accessible and are inclusive of diverse imagery.

In CCOHS’ efforts to create a framework for inclusion and diversity in the workplace, CCOHS incorporated GBA+ initiatives in the following areas of the workplace:

  • Recruitment - through the expansion of CCOHS collaborations with organizations that support more inclusive recruitment efforts, supporting such groups as newcomers to Canada.
  • Company-wide values exercise – which was hosted by a third-party organization in an unobstructed small group format that provided employees with both in person and confidential forums to communicate current and new or revised values which further emphasize respect, diversity and inclusion.
  • Facilities – updates to enhance barrier free access for staff and visitors.
  • Training – CCOHS conducted staff workshops to promote diversity and inclusion on such topics as Gender Identity and Pronoun Use.