Gender-based analysis plus

Gender-based analysis plus table
Governance structures Human resources Planned initiatives
CCOHS continues to work on the creation of a framework for an inclusion and diversity program which will include a commitment for recruitment and development activities to increase social and cultural diversity in the workplace. CCOHS will continue to see that staff receive diversity and inclusion fundamentals training as well as managing bias in hiring training for managers. CCOHS continues to work closely with its Council of Governors to integrate gender considerations into strategic initiatives that further advance health and safety in the workplace. Not applicable – As a micro-sized department CCOHS does not have resources to dedicate full time employees to this initiative. CCOHS works closely with its tripartite council representing governments (federal, provincial and territorial), employers and labour, which assists in delivering a trustworthy and complete occupational health and safety service, and ensures that both CCOHS’ services and structure integrate gender considerations. One of CCOHS’ goals for 2019-20 is to promote and monitor the usage of the CCOHS Gender, Work and Health web portal. In order to create safe and healthy workplaces, CCOHS must understand how gender influences work and health, and integrate gender considerations into occupational safety and health activities. The portal provides policy makers and workplaces with current and relevant research and tools for their reference and use.
CCOHS will also ensure that all imagery used in social media campaigns, products, and other public facing outputs are inclusive and reflects the diversity of the people of Canada.