Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

As a micro-sized department, CCOHS does not have resources to dedicate full-time employees to this initiative. However, CCOHS recognizes its importance and is committed to ensuring diverse groups of workers in Canada benefit from our programs. The CCOHS leadership team, along with its tripartite Council of Governors, ensure that GBA Plus perspectives are integrated into departmental decision-making processes by requiring CCOHS to assess the potential implications of products and services produced to support the diverse populations of Canadians.

We set the following goals for 2022-23:

  1. To continue to address workplace mental health by providing reliable and credible mental health information, tools, education, and resources to workers and employers in Canada.
  2. To promote greater gender balance in the field of occupational health by promoting the Chad Bradley Scholarship for women and women-identified genders, highlighting the importance of gender equality in the profession of occupational health and safety.
  3. To continue to ensure that all products and services delivered by CCOHS are written in plain language, are accessible, and that the imagery used is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the people of Canada.
  4. To continue to add content to, promote and monitor the usage of, the CCOHS Gender, Work and Health web portal, an online repository of current and relevant research and tools to assist policy makers and employers to integrate gender considerations into their health and safety programs.
  5. To increase and capture CCOHS user GBA+ information by bolstering its website user survey.
  6. To develop an internal framework for diversity and inclusion focused on recruitment strategies that increase social, racial, gender and cultural diversity in the workplace.
Highlights of GBA Plus Results Reporting Capacity by Program
Occupational Health and Safety Information and Services Currently, CCOHS does not collect any GBA+ data for any of its information and services. As all its information and services are delivered via its website, CCOHS will bolster its website and program user surveys to capture GBA+ data. These will be launched in 2022 and will serve as a baseline for identifying any gaps in information and services, which can lead to further actions to bridge identified gaps, if any are identified.
Internal Services CCOHS is developing an internal framework for inclusion and diversity that will include recruitment strategies focused on social, racial, gender and cultural diversity in the workplace. The diversity recruitment strategies will promote equity and diversity and focus on an intentional approach for job postings which will assist in the advancement of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion at the Centre.

CCOHS measures its progress through employee self-identification for information on representation.