Safety and Health Week

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  • A worker in a manufacturing facility wearing a face mask and a yellow apron focuses on his work at a machine.
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About Safety and Health Week

Safety and Health Week is an ideal time for employers, employees, partners, and the public to focus on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

Starting on Monday, May 2, you're invited to join our virtual activities to celebrate Safety and Health Week.

Sign up for free, live, online sessions starting with a national kickoff and a keynote address by Tareq Hadhad on resiliency through adversity.

The week will continue with thought provoking sessions on health and safety in Indigenous communities, a guided meditation, and improving your workplace health and safety culture. Let's come together to learn how we can create safe, thriving workplaces and communities.

Live French audio interpretation available for select events.

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A worker in a boutique leans over in her wheelchair to interact with her service dog. She is wearing glasses and an apron.

Safety and Health Week 2022 Virtual National Kickoff

Join our national partners from across the country as we kick off Safety and Health Week 2022. The Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Labour, will deliver greetings to officially launch the week. Plus, you’ll hear inspiring stories, watch the finalist videos from the Focus on Safety National Youth Video Contest, and share in the excitement as the winner is announced. Live French audio interpretation available.

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May 1-7 2022

More Events

Tareq Hadhad
Keynote speaker Tareq Hadhad. He has dark hair, brown eyes and a reddish beard. He wears a navy blazer and a polo shirt.

Keynote Address with Tareq Hadhad: Resiliency Through Adversity

Join Tareq Hadhad, founder of Peace by Chocolate, as he shares his emotional journey from Syria to Canada with heartbreaking and perspective shaping stops along the way. His timely message of hope and peace will inspire and strengthen our resolve to make our own impact on the world. Be ready with your questions for Tareq. Live French audio interpretation available.


Tareq Hadhad

Founder and CEO, Peace by Chocolate

Syrian-Canadian entrepreneur Tareq Hadhad arrived on Canada's East Coast in 2015 and promptly began to rebuild the family chocolate business, which had been destroyed by a bomb in Damascus. Embraced by his community of Antigonish, Tareq has inspired audiences across Canada with his story of peace, acceptance and resilience - which also inspired a book and feature film.

A photo of an Indigenous community centre on a sunny day. The building is tall and gray with many windows and a wooden awning over the front doors

Indigenous Communities at Work: Building Trust and Sustaining Well-being

Join health and safety professionals Stacey Maguire of Glooscap First Nation and Travis Woodworth of Millbrook First Nation, as they discuss workplace health and safety in Indigenous communities.

Learn about the complexities of situations workers in small, rural communities may face, and the value of integrating culture into safety programs to gain acceptance from communities. Live French audio interpretation available.

Stacey Maguire
Speaker Stacey Maguire. She has long dark hair and blue eyes. She wears a silver necklace.

Stacey Maguire, BBA, COHS, CRST (she/her)

Senior Health and Safety Manager, Glooscap Ventures

A proud Mi’kmaq woman from Glooscap First Nation near Hantsport, NS, Stacey was the 13th person in Canada and 1st Mi’kmaq to be certified as a Canadian Registered Safety Technician. Her accolades include a feature in Canadian Occupational Safety and an award for Outstanding Service to the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, Atlantic Region.

Travis Woodworth
Speaker Travis Woodworth. He has a short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a fleece jacket.

Travis Woodworth (he/him)

Health and Safety Coordinator, Glooscap Ventures

Travis is a band member of Millbrook First Nation near Truro, NS, and a graduate of the Occupational Health and Safety Program at NSCC. Travis is passionate about creating engaging training for frontline employees that gets them on board with workplace safety.

A cross-legged woman extends her arms in a yoga stretch

Midweek Mental Fitness

Improve your focus, lower your stress and increase your productivity with mental fitness. Pause, relax and reflect as you exercise your brain and join in a short guided meditation session.

Two engineers wearing hard hats and safety glasses confer over a blueprint. The one on the left points to something in the distance

Take Action, Don't Walk By

Everyone at work has a role to play in keeping themselves and each other safe. Learn how to develop a Take Action, Don't Walk By mindset with your employees.

Join Lee-Anne Lyon-Bartley and Janet Mannella as they discuss five steps you can take to positively change an organization's health and safety culture. Live French audio interpretation available.

Lee-Anne Lyon-Bartley
Speaker Lee-Ann Lyon Bartley. She is Black, with black hair and brown eyes. She wears a white t-shirt

Lee-Anne Lyon-Bartley, BASc, CRSP, CP-FS

Executive Vice President, HSEQ at Dexterra Group

Known to many as Canada's Safety Diva, Lee-Anne is a regular guest safety expert in Canadian broadcast media. She volunteers with Women in OHS Society, My Safe Work and Threads of Life, and was recently appointed to the Prevention Council of Ontario.

Janet Mannella
La conférencière Lee-Ann Lyon Bartley. Elle est Noire, et elle a les cheveux noirs et les yeux bruns. Elle porte un t-shirt blanc

Janet Mannella, MBA, CRSP

Vice President of Operations, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

Janet brings a wealth of expertise in safety leadership, compliance, employee relations, and workplace investigations. Prior to joining CCOHS, Janet worked at McMaster University as the Faculty of Health Sciences Safety Manager and Manager of Occupational Safety, Security and Parking Services at Conestoga College, and taught their health and safety certificate program.