National Forum Addresses the Impacts of the Changing World of Work

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January 30, 2019 – Hamilton, ON – Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) will host Forum 2019: The Changing World of Work in Winnipeg, Manitoba from March 5-6, 2019. The Forum is a unique event that will bring together leaders, change-makers, and subject experts representing government, labour, and workplaces to share their knowledge and experience around current and emerging health and safety issues.

With new technologies, globalization, demographic changes and cultural shifts, the workplace and nature of work is changing and adapting. This event will focus on the workplace of today and tomorrow, in which accommodation, diversity, and inclusivity, are essential to the health and success of any organization. The program includes the following topics and speakers:

  • 2030 - The Brave New World - Futurist Nikolas Badminton will set the stage with a keynote on artificial intelligence, technology and how the world of work may change over the next 5, 10, 15 years and beyond.
  • Keeping a Multicultural Organization - Lionel Laroche, Cross-Cultural and Diversity Expert and President of MultiCultural Business Solutions Manager, will offer guidance on how to bridge cultural diversity in the workplace.
  • Creating and Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace - Steve Tizzard, Radio Operator, Hibernia will take delegates on a journey to the Hibernia Platform, where in the past five years it has evolved to an actively caring facility, giving mental health an equal seat at the safety table.
  • Courage Inside the Fire – A Story of Leadership - Darby Allen, Fort McMurray’s Fire Chief (Ret.) will close the event with his inspiring personal story of leading through a crisis and one of the costliest disasters in Canadian history.
  • Caregiving and Work: Realities and Opportunities - Nora Spinks, CEO, the Vanier Institute of the Family, will tackle the changing needs of workers and the availability and effectiveness of workplace supports for working caregivers.
  • Is ISO 45001 the Right Fit for Your Organization? - Brenda Henry, Canadian delegate, ISO 45001 Committee, will share key concepts and requirements of ISO 45001 and how they fit within the context of Canadian workplaces.
  • Nanotechnology and Health – Current Issues and Approaches for Risk Reduction - Todd Irick, Occupational Hygienist, Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) will explain how workplaces can prevent occupational diseases arising from nanotechnology.
  • Case Study: “Stay Onboard” Recovery at Work Program - Ben Williams, President, Unifor Local 333BC and Brian Anderson, VP Operations and COO, BC Transit will share their story of how labour and employer worked together to implement their active recovery at work program.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion – Achieving Better Return to Work Outcomes for Disabled Workers - Wolfgang Zimmermann, Executive Director, National Institute of Disability Management and Research will explore best practices and core principles of professional/program standards in return to work.
  • Our Journey to a “Respectful Community”- Audrey Gilbeau, Executive Director, Nokiiwin Tribal Council will share their holistic approach in which the health and safety of the workplace, community, and individuals are fully intertwined.
  • Accommodating Employees with Nonvisible Disabilities - Izabela Schultz, Clinical Director, Cortex Centre for Advanced Assessment will offer insights on how workplaces can respond effectively to employees with nonvisible disabilities such as mental health and neurological problems.
  • Climate Change - Tara Peel, National Representative, Health, Safety and Environment for the Canadian Labour Congress and Sari Sairanen, National Director, Health and Safety for Unifor will provide insights on the impacts of climate change on work.

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Quick Facts

  • Forum 2019: The Changing World of Work will take place on March 5 and 6, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Forum 2019: The Changing World of Work is a unique event in that it will have tripartite (government, labour and employers) delegate representation from across Canada.
  • Forum 2019 features twelve presentations and sixteen speakers – none of which are concurrent.
  • Forum 2019 is hosted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) with sponsorship from Unifor, SAFE Work Manitoba, and the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace.
  • The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is Canada's national resource for the advancement of workplace health and safety. CCOHS promotes the total well-being – physical, psychosocial, and mental health – of working people in Canada.
  • CCOHS is governed by a tripartite Council of Governors.

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