Inspection Checklist - Sample Checklist for Outdoor Areas

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What is an example of an inspection checklist for outdoor areas at a workplace?

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The examples outlined below do not list all the possible items for outdoor work spaces. The best checklist for your workplace is one that has been developed for your specific needs. Whatever the format of the checklist, provide space for the inspectors' signatures and the date.

NOTE that requirements may be listed in legislation, codes, or standards that are not listed in this table. Always consult the legislation that applies in your situation, and with your jurisdiction for complete information.




(X) Requires Action




Around the Building

Is the address sign or number easily visible from the street?




Are garbage containers emptied on a regular basis?




Is waste stored in appropriate waste or recycling storage areas?




Is the property kept clear of litter, combustibles, hazardous materials, old batteries, etc.?




If present, is the security system working properly? Are procedures on how to use it posted?




If present, are smoking areas clean? Is an appropriate cigarette butt receptacle available?




Are eavestroughs and downspouts in good repair?




Parking Lot

Are appropriate signs posted (e.g., no parking in fire routes, etc.)?




Are the parking areas free from trip hazards (e.g., no pot holes, cracks, etc.)?




Is the lighting adequate in the area and walkways at night?




Is the parking lot kept free of debris?




In winter, is the parking lot free from ice and snow?





Are stairs, stairwells, and landings kept clear and unobstructed?




In winter, are stairs, stairwells, and landings kept clear from ice and snow?




Are stairways adequately lit?




Are stairs, treads, hand rails, and any guards secure and in good condition?




Do treads and landings have non-skid surfaces and they are in good condition?




Exits / Fire Safety

Are all emergency exits, exit doors, landings, and steps from the building well marked, unblocked, and kept in good condition?




In winter, are exits kept free from ice and snow on the outside of the building?




In winter, are exits kept free from water (from melting snow and ice) inside the doorways?




In winter, is the roof area over the exits free of falling ice and snow hazards?




Are exit doors, landings, and steps well lit? Are the lights over the exit doors working and in good repair?




In winter, is the access ramp clear of ice and snow, and is there good traction?




Can the building be easily accessed by the fire department? Are fire lanes accessible and posted?




Are the fire department hose connections kept clear, accessible and have caps?




Is the electrical service entrance area clear of trees and branches?




Are all electrical wires out of reach of the public?




Does the chimney (if present) appear in good repair with the correct clearances?





Are walkways clear and in good condition? Are there any holes or trip hazards on grounds where workers or the public may walk?




Does water drain away from the building properly?




In winter, are ice and snow cleared promptly from walkways?




Is security lighting functioning properly?




Are exit routes (from the grounds) well marked, and kept clear and unobstructed?




Is fencing in good condition?




Are plants, trees and shrubs pruned to maintain good visibility?




Is any outdoor machinery in good repair?




Are workers using machinery properly trained?




Do workers have adequate protection from the elements (sun, cold)?




Do workers who require personal protective equipment (PPE) know how to use it properly?




Storage Shed

Are hazardous products adequately stored and labelled?




Are incompatible materials stored separately?




Is the shed or area secured and access limited?




Is there any sign of leaks or spills?




Are “No Smoking” signs posted when flammable products are stored?




Is the storage area protected from exposure to heat, moisture, vibration, flame, etc. as appropriate for the products stored?




Is equipment and machinery in good condition?




Are any required PPE available to workers and they know how to use it properly?




Loading Areas

If required, are pedestrian walkways clearly marked?




Are vehicles or loads secured from unintentional movement?




Is the area kept free of obstructions or debris?




Are any lifting devices, racking systems, etc. in good condition?




If required, are machine guards in place?




Visually, does it appear that material handling and manual material handling procedures are being followed?




  • Fact sheet last revised: 2021-12-17