Hazard Reporting by Employee

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What should I do if I notice a hazard?

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You should report any actual or potential health and safety hazard immediately to your supervisor. You do not need to wait for an inspection team to come by. In fact, health and safety legislation requires workers to report hazards to their supervisor. You can also report health and safety hazards to your health and safety committee or representative, and union.

The immediate hazard reporting process allows workers to report hazardous conditions or practices as they notice them. This procedure allows for prompt reporting and steps can be taken to control the hazards  without waiting for the next round of regular inspections.

Hazards can be reported verbally, electronically or by filling out company specific forms that should be  available at bulletin boards or other conspicuous places. Ask your supervisor, or health and safety committee or representative if there is a formal process for reporting hazards.

If your supervisor, health and safety committee or representative, and union fail to respond to your hazard report, you may contact the government department responsible for occupational health and safety for your region for further guidance. However, before contacting a government department, trying to resolve concerns internally is encouraged

The following is an example of  a hazard reporting form.

Hazard Report Form - Example
Name: Date:
Description of the hazard:

Suggested corrective action:


Supervisor's remarks:

Corrective action taken:

Signature of Supervisor:


  • Fact sheet last revised: 2021-11-23