CESARS Record Summary

Properties - Physical and Chemical

Molecular formula, molecular weight, physical state, melting point, boiling point, flash point, autoignition point, explosive limits, density, specific gravity, Henry's law constant, PKA, TOD, BOD, COD, conversion factor, odor threshold air, water and taste, aqueous solubility, vapor pressure, and n-octanol/water partition coefficient.

Regulations and Guidelines

US, Canadian and International data pertaining to acceptable levels in the environment, waste disposal requirements, health and safety guidelines, labelling and transportation is included.


Uses, occurrence, production and methods of synthesis.

Acute Toxicity - Terrestrial animals/ Human/ Aquatic animals

Adverse effects such as LD50 or LC50 for test exposures to animals; adverse effects to humans by test compounds; toxicity studieson freshwater aquatic species such as LC50 or EC50; all undertaken in short term tests.

Chronic Toxicity - Terrestrial animals/ Humans/ Aquatic animals

Toxicity studies undertaken in medium to long term time frames,such as NOAELs (No Observed Adverse Effect Levels), MATC (MaximumAdverse Toxicant Concentration), etc.


Information on effects of substances to aquatic and terrestrial plants.


Summaries of studies conducted by NCI/NTP, IARC, NIOSH, EPA.


Effects are reported such as gene mutations, chromosomal aberrations and DNA damage.

Reproductive and Developmental Effects

Reports of chemical effects on terrestrial animals or humans arereported. NOAELs may be provided if available.

Other Adverse Effects

Other effects which may be reported such as aesthetic effects.


Uptake, distribution, biotransformation and elimination in animals.


Bio-uptake of chemicals in aquatic organisms.

Transport Processes

Transport of chemicals in the environment including sorption to matter in water, air, soil, sediment or biota (flora and fauna) and volatilization from water or soil.

General Fate Processes

Reports on studies predicting the fate of chemicals in the environment.

Transformation Processes

Biodegradation by microorganisms and hydrolysis of compounds

Analysis and Treatment

Standard analytical techniques plus water or waste treatment methods, if available.


References to reports cited in the above topic areas.

Topic Area Summaries

Summaries from each of the topic areas available in CESARS.

Ontario Environmental Assessment

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment assessment and scoring of the chemical.