CHRIS Record Summary


Basic identification information on the chemical substance such as CHRIS Code number, chemical name, synonyms, CAS Registry Number, IMO/UN designation, DOT ID number, molecular formula, characteristics of the chemical; plus emergency actions, fire hazards and fire response, exposure hazards and response, water pollution hazards and response.

Response to Discharge

Immediate actions to be undertaken by response personnel.

Observable Characteristics

Includes both the physical state, color and odor of the chemical, plus the odor threshold.

Health Hazards

Toxicity and airborne exposure limits such as threshold limit value, short term inhalation limits, immediately dangerous to life and health value (IDLH), toxicity by ingestion, late toxicity, vapor (gas) irritant characteristics, liquid or solid irritant characteristics, personal protective equipment, symptoms following exposure, treatment of exposure by inhalation, ingestion, skin or eye contact.

Fire Hazards

Flash point, flammable limits in air, ignition temperature, burning rate, adiabatic flame temperature, stoichiometric air to fuel ratio, flame temperature, behavior in fire, electrical hazard, fire extinguishing agents, special hazards of combustion.

Chemical Reactivity

Reactivity with water, reactivity with common materials, neutralizing agents for acids and caustics, polymerization, inhibitor of polymerization, molar ratio (reactant to product), stability during transport, reactivity group, incompatibility with chemicals.

Water Pollution

Food chain concentration, aquatic animal toxicity, waterfowl toxicity, biological oxygen demand (bod).

Shipping Information

Grades of purity, storage temperature, inert atmosphere, venting, coast guard compatibility class, shipping label, category and class.

Hazard Classifications

Code of Federal Regulations classification, NAS hazard rating for bulk water transport including fire, health, water pollution and reactivity, NFPA hazard classification.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical state, boiling point, freezing point, critical temperature, critical pressure, liquid surface tension, liquid water interfacial tension, ratio of specific heats of vapor (gas), latent heat of vaporization, heat of combustion, heat of decomposition, heat of solution, heat of polymerization, specific gravity, vapor (gas) specific gravity, heat of fusion, limiting value, Reid vapor pressure, molecular weight.