HSDB® Record Summary

Substance Identification

HSDB Chemical Name, HSDB Number, Last Revision Date, CAS Registry Number, Synonyms, Molecular Formula, Wiswesser Line Notation, RTECS® Number, Shipping Number/Name, STCC Number/Name, Associated Chemicals;

Description and Warning Properties

Color/Form, Odor, Taste, Odor Threshold, Skin, Eye and Respiratory Irritations

Safety Hazards and Protection

Hazards Summary, DOT Emergency Guidelines, Radiation Limits and Potential; Fire and Reactivity: Fire Potential, NFPA Hazard Classification, Flammable Limits, Flash Point, Autoignition Temperature, Fire Fighting Procedures, Toxic Combustion Products, Other Fire Fighting Hazards, Explosive Limits and Potential, Reactivities and Incompatibilities, Decomposition, Polymerization, Other Hazardous Reactions; Protective Equipment and Controls: Protective Equipment and Clothing, Other Preventative Methods; Storage, Cleanup and Disposal: Stability/Shelf Life, Storage Conditions, Cleanup Methods, Disposal Methods

Health Hazards and Toxic Effects

Toxicity Summary, Minimum/Potential Fatal Human Dose, Human Toxicity Excerpts & Values, Non-Human Toxicity Excerpts & Values, Evidence for Carcinogenicity, NTP Reports, IARC Summary and Evaluation, TSCA Test Submissions; Emergency Treatment: Antidote and Emergency Treatment, Medical Surveilla

Metabolism and Pharmacology

Populations at Special Risk, Absorption, Distribution and Excretion, Metabolism/Metabolites, Biological Half-Life, Mechanism of Action, Interactions; Pharmacology: Bionecessity, Therapeutic Uses, Drug Warning, Drug Idiosyncracies, Drug Tolerance, Maximum Drug Dose

Environmental Fate / Exposure Potential

Environmental Fate Summary, Ecotoxicity Values, Environmental Fate, Biodegradation, Abiotic Degradation, Bioconcentration, Soil Adsorption/Mobility, Volatilization from Water/Soil; Sources and Concentrations: Natural Sources, Artificial Sources, Water Concentrations, Effluents Concentrations, Sediment/Soil Concentrations, Atmospheric Concentrations, Food Survey Values, Plant Concentrations, Fish/Seafood Concentrations, Animal Concentrations, Milk Concentrations, Other Environmental Concentrations; Human Environmental Concentrations: Probable Routes of Human Exposure, Average Daily Intake, Body Burdens

Standards and Regulations

Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH), Acceptable Daily Intakes, Allowable Tolerances, OSHA Standards, NIOSH Recommendations, Threshold Limit Values, Other Occupational Permissible Levels, Atmospheric Standards, Soil Standards, Federal Drinking Water Standards & Guidelines, State Drinking Water Standards & Guidelines, Clean Water Act Requirements, Transport Methods and Requirements, CERCLA Reportable Quantities, TSCA Requirements, RCRA Requirements, FIFRA Requirements, FDA Requirements

Monitoring and Analysis Methods

Sampling Procedures, Analytical Laboratory Methods, Clinical Laboratory Methods

Manufacturing and Uses

Methods of Manufacturing, Impurities, Formulations/Preparations, Manufacturers, Major Uses, Consumption Patterns, US Production, US Imports & US Exports

Chemical and Physical Properties

Molecular Weight, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Density/Specific Gravity, Vapor Density, Vapor Pressure, pH, Corrosivity, Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient, Dissociation Constants, Critical Temperature and Pressure, Relative Evaporation Rate, Viscosity, Surface Tension, Heat of Combustion, Heat of Vaporization, Solubilities, Spectral Properties, Other Data


Special Reports, Test Status, Prior History of Accidents & References to Data Sources