CCOHS Website Quick Tips

The CCOHS website has been redesigned to comply with the Web Standards for the Government of Canada – a commitment to deliver websites and applications that are more accessible, usable, interoperable and optimized for mobile devices.

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of our website.

Navigating the Website

  • Use the five key topic tabs in the main navigation bar to find information, products and services on a specific topic. Click on the Topic – Main page to see all related sub-topics.
  • Want to quickly bring up product and service categories like publications or e-courses? Use the “I am looking for…” tab as a shortcut to programs and categories of products, services and information from CCOHS.
  • Use the handy Login tab to quickly access your subscription services.
  • Looking to get in touch with or find out more about CCOHS? Use the footer as your gateway to our history, newsroom, newsletters, and social media channels.
  • Select the name in the top left corner to return to our home page anytime.
  • Select the Français/English link in the top corner to view the current page in French/English.

Searching the Website

  • Use the Search box in the top right corner of every page to search the entire website.
  • Want to search only our health and safety fact sheets? Use the OSH Answers search box to target our collection of 560+ fact sheets.
  • Dynamic bars have been used throughout the website to simplify the pages. Open and close these bars by selecting them in order to show and hide information.

Have questions, or want to send us feedback? Contact us