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How should sheet materials be handled?

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Handling sheet material single-handed is always difficult and hazardous.

  • Store the sheet materials at a convenient height above ground.
  • Do not lift and carry sheets without training.
  • Always wear appropriate safety shoes or boots to prevent materials falling on your feet.

What should be done when lifting sheet material?

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  • Stand close to the pile of sheets in a walking stance.
  • Grasp sheet firmly at the mid-point of its long side with the closer hand.
  • Pull the sheet up and towards your body.
  • Change your grip using your other hand and put your fingers on top of the sheet.
  • Pull sheet up to a vertical position and to the side until one half is off the pile.
  • Grasp the lower edge of the sheet with the free hand and support the hand by placing it on your knee.
  • Stand up without bending and twisting your body.
Grasp sheet firmly
Grasp lower edge of sheet and support hand by placing on your knee
Stand up without bending and twisting body

What should be done when carrying the load?

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  • Use drywall carts to carry sheet materials.
  • Get help from another person where carts are not available.
  • Apply carrying handles for manual carrying.
  • Grasp the carrying handles firmly when carrying the load.
  • Always use gloves and carrying handle for glass and other materials with sharp edges.
  • Make sure the pathway is clear and has no obstructions.
Drywall carts
Carrying handles

  • Fact sheet last revised: 2018-11-28