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What are some basic tips for waste management?

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DOr toxic are considered to be hazardous waste. Always use and dispose of products as directed by the manufacturer or supplier. Examples include:

  • many solvents, pesticides, and paint strippers;
  • products such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, etc.;
  • materials that catch fire easily (such as gasoline, paints, and solvents);
  • materials that are reactive or unstable enough to explode or release toxic fumes (including acids, bases, ammonia, and chlorine bleach); or
  • corrosives that can attack metal containers such as tanks, drums, and barrels (such as industrial cleaning agents, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, etc.) or those that can attack the skin.

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  • Fact sheet confirmed current: 2023-03-14
  • Fact sheet last revised: 2016-03-16