Safety InfoLine Badges

Add a badge to your website or intranet so your workers can quickly find answers to their health and safety questions.
Badges are also available in French.

1. Right-click on any badge to save it.
2. On your site, link the badge to

Vertical Badges (152 x 215 pixels)

Vertical Badge 1 Vertical Badge 2 Vertical Badge 3 Vertical Badge 4

Square Badges (152 x 152 pixels)

Square Badge 1 Square Badge 2 Square Badge 3 Square Badge 4

Horizontal Badges (332 x 91 pixels)

Horizontal Badge 1 Horizontal Badge 2
Horizontal Badge 3 Horizontal Badge 4

Circular Badges (156 x 156 pixels)

Circle Badge 1 Circle Badge 2 Circle Badge 3 Circle Badge 4

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