SDS Database (English Language)

Get instant access to information on chemical hazards from the safety data sheets provided directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

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Instant access to chemical information

Find safety data sheets for chemical products, or detailed information on individual chemicals in one database – all without leaving your desktop.

Each safety data sheet is presented exactly as provided by the manufacturer/supplier and contains:

  • chemical and physical properties
  • health hazards
  • first aid recommendations
  • personal protection
  • fire and reactivity data
  • spill and disposal procedures
  • storage and handling

The SDS Database is ideal for:

  • Health and safety committees
  • Product safety specialists
  • Industrial hygienists
  • Environmental, health and safety coordinators
  • Regulatory affairs personnel
  • Firefighters and emergency responders
  • Occupational health nurses and physicians

Bundle English and French Together

You can subscribe to just our English language safety data sheet database or package it with access to our French language safety data sheet database.


CANManage provides you with online access to a customized collection of safety data sheets specific to your workplace.

For Academic Institutions

The SDS Database is also available through our Academic Support Program, a collection of CCOHS environmental and occupational health and safety databases, specially designed for colleges and universities, and other degree granting institutions.

For Labour Training Centres

(M)SDS is also available through our Labour Support Program, a tool offered to labour training centres to educate trainees about occupational health and safety and the importance of a safe and healthy workplace.

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