MMH - Handholds on Load and Gripping Aids - II

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What should I know about grip aids?

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Gripping aids are used to lift or carry awkward loads that do not have handles. Various types are available, depending on the task, including:

  • Use lifting straps for cylindrical objects.
Lifting straps for cylindrical objects
Lifting straps for cylindrical objects
  • Use carrying handles for boxes.
Carrying handles
  • Use a 'Gator grip' to handle awkward objects with sharp edges.
Gator grip
  • Use vacuum lifters to handle sheet materials or plates.
Vacuum lifters
Two person vacuum lifter
  • Use furniture straps to lift and move heavy, bulky objects.
    • Position buckle between the body and the load.
    • Keep body straight.
Furniture straps
Buckle position
Keep body straight

  • Fact sheet confirmed current: 2018-09-28
  • Fact sheet last revised: 2002-10-22