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What should be remembered when setting up a storage area?

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  • Consider the flow of materials through the storage area. 
  • Store frequently accessed materials near one another to improve efficiency and workflow. See MMH - Materials Flow for more information. 
  • Make sure there is enough space between aisles and walkways for the equipment and personnel present. Store materials at a convenient height. Consider all people having to access the storage area and note that what may be a convenient height for one person may be too high or low for another. 
  • Leave the lowest or highest shelf unused, if necessary.
  • Use vertically mobile shelves to avoid bending and overhead reaching.
Vertically mobile shelves


  • Use bin racks for storing small items.
Bin racks


  • Store heavy and frequently used materials at waist height.
Store materials at waist height


  • Do not store materials at floor level.
Do not store materials at floor level


  • Use hand trucks with elevating devices in storage and loading areas.
Use hand trucks


Winch operated
Winch operated.


Coil handling 
Coil handling.


Position work
Position work.


  • Use trucks with a tilting device to avoid bending.
Box tilter
Box tilter.


  • Use elevating platforms to avoid overhead reaching.
Use elevating platforms
Elevating platform.

  • Fact sheet last revised: 2023-07-31