MMH - Mechanical Aids: Levers and Rollers

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Why and how should levers be used?

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A lever is a bar or rod that can be used to reduce the effort when lifting loads. To be effective, the lever must rest on a pivot (fulcrum). Using levers reduces the force required to handle materials and avoids bending and stooping.

  • Use a steel bar to shift an object horizontally.
Steel bar

  • Use the lever and rollers to move a load horizontally.
Lever and rollers

  • Use rollers on an angle to change the direction of the load.
Rollers on an angle

  • Use "Come-Alongs" to move heavy load. Ensure load is fully on the skid to prevent drag or resistance.

  • Mount lever on wheels to assist in when moving load. Ensure that wheels can be locked.
Mount lever on wheels
Lever on a rolling platform lifts and moves objects.

Lever on a rolling platform
Lever on wheels lifts and moves manhole covers.

Lever on wheels
Lever on wheels lists and moves coils.
  • Use an extended handle to lift, shift or move objects without bending.
extended handle to lift

  • Fact sheet confirmed current: 2019-08-15
  • Fact sheet last revised: 2013-12-03