MMH - Mechanical Aids for Transporting Materials - II

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What mechanical aids can be used?

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Specific tasks or objects require specialized equipment. For standard mechanical aids, see MMH - Mechanical Aids for Transporting Materials - I.

  • Select the right equipment to complete the task. Equipment is rated for different capacities, which determine the maximum weight the equipment can safely handle, and the conditions under which it can handle those weights.
  • Do not operate any equipment if you are not trained to use that equipment.
  • Keep the equipment in good and safe operating condition. It saves effort while transporting loads.
  • Visually inspect the equipment for any defects such as loose wheels or damaged platforms before use.
  • Be sure that the load is securely in place before moving.
  • Always push the equipment rather than pull it.
  • Select a stair climbing truck when moving a load on stairs.
Stair climbing truck


  • Choose a sturdy frame hand truck with larger wheels to move materials in rough terrain. An additional set of handles allows for assistance.
Sturdy frame hand truck


  • Use a pump truck to move materials stored on pallets.
Moving materials stored on pallets


  • Move and dump waste materials with dump trucks.
Dump truck
Dump truck


  • Move and empty drums with tilting drum cradles and drum dollies.
Drum cradle 
Drum dollie
  • Handle sheet materials with an "A" frame hand truck or dolly.
Hand truck 


  • Use a forklift to move heavier and stackable material.

  • Fact sheet confirmed current: 2023-07-11
  • Fact sheet last revised: 2009-06-15