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What is team handling?

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"Team handling" occurs when more than one person is involved during the lift.

  • Use team lifting and carrying where other solutions are inappropriate.
  • Remember that the combined strength of the team is less than the sum of individual strength.
  • Select team members of similar height and strength.
  • Assign a leader to the team.
  • Determine a set of commands to be used, such as "lift," "walk," "stop," and "down." Make sure that everyone knows what to do when they hear the command.
  • Follow the commands given by the team leader.
  • Practice team lifting and carrying together before attempting the task.

What should be done when lifting and carrying long objects as a team?

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  • Use a shoulder pad to reduce compression.
  • Carry the load on the same shoulder. By doing so, if the load begins to fall, both workers can step out of the way safely.
  • Walk in step. Note that if the load is flexible, walking out of step may help prevent the load from bouncing. 
Lifting and carrying long objects as a team

What should be done when lifting and moving furniture as a team?

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  • Use straps.
  • Adjust the length of the straps according to your height.
Webbing to secure straps
  • Use webbing around straps to secure them from slipping off.
  • Use dollies, furniture movers, or other platform trucks to assist in transport. 
  • Obtain assistance while loading a heavy object on the truck.
  • Use your body weight to tilt the object.
  • Place the lip of the truck under the object.
Use your body weight to tilt the object
  • Secure the load with straps.
  • Tip the truck back with assistance.
Tip truck back with assistance
  • Move the load. The assisting person directs the movement.
Assisting person directs the movement

  • Fact sheet last revised: 2023-07-11