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Tractors - Attachments and PTO

What should you know when using attachments?

  • Check that all hydraulic lines are in good condition, securely connected and leak-free.
  • Add front counterweights to tractors with rear-mounted attachments for improved steering control and stability.
Add front counterweights to tractor with rear-mounted attachment
  • Use correct brackets and recommended sizes and types of bolts for mounting equipment.
  • Use jacks, hoists or blocks to position equipment.
  • Avoid crushing and entanglement points. Do not stand between a tractor and an implement.
Entanglement Points
  • Ensure that safety locks and catches are fastened.
  • Attempt to line up the hitch holes from the tractor seat, then shut off the engine before dismounting to attach the hitch.
Hitch Crush Point
  • Do not crawl under anything supported only by a hydraulic lift. Always use blocks, jack stands, or other suitable and stable supports.
  • Make sure all guards are in place (master and integral shields). Damaged guards and shields should be repaired or replaced immediately.
Power Take-Off Unit with Guards

What should you be aware of when using the Power Take-Off (PTO)?

The power take-off is extremely dangerous. The PTO spins quickly enough to trap a person and can easily catch loose clothing or long hair.


When attaching or detaching PTO-driven equipment:

  • Lower hydraulics.
  • Shut off the tractor engine.
  • Apply tractor parking brake.
  • Hitch tractor to implement.
  • Ensure that universal joints are in the correct phase when connecting the shaft.
  • Do not wear loose clothing. Tie back long hair. Do not wear shoe laces dangling.
  • Do not remove shields from the PTO shaft.
  • Make sure that the PTO spinner/integral shields rotate freely.
  • Use the correct size drive for the machine being powered.
  • Match the correct PTO speed for the machine being used.
  • Do not step over a rotating shaft. Even PTO shafts with guards are dangerous. Walk around the equipment.
  • Disconnect PTO when not in use.

Document last updated on April 4, 2018

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