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What should be done before using any implement or attachment?

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Before using any attachments or implements, always read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s safety manual.

Only use equipment that is in good repair. Make sure that all guards or shields are in place and operational. Guards around the power take-off shafts, gear box and other rotating/spinning equipment are very important.

Always stand away from moving or rotating equipment. Where possible, operate from the tractor seat, and have bystanders be at least 6 metres (20 feet) away.

Know how to stop the tractor, engine and attachment quickly in case of emergency.

Follow shutdown procedures and wait for all moving parts to stop before getting off the tractor or approaching the attachment.

What are some safety tips for using post drivers?

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  • Make sure that all shields and guards are in place and are operating correctly.
  • Steady the post with a safety fork or guide to prevent injury if the post breaks or slips.
  • Lower the hammer and shut off the engine when making adjustments or lubricating.
  • Lower and lock hammer in the lowest position to prevent accidental movement. Switch off and/or remove the key.
  • Do not place any part of your body between the hammer and the top of the post.

What are tips for using augers?

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  • Keep hair, clothing, hands and feet away from augers to prevent entanglement.
  • Keep the area free of objects that may cause slips or falls.
  • If the auger becomes stuck, shut off the engine and disengage the power before attempting to unclog the auger. Slowly turn the auger backwards with a wrench.
  • Make sure all guards are in place, properly secured and functional.
  • Watch for overhead powerlines when moving or towing augers.
  • Do not use hands or feet to push material away from the auger.

What are tips for using mowers and blades?

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  • Make sure that all guards are in place.
  • Make sure that the engine is shut off and all power disengaged before making repairs.
  • Know how the blades operate and where they are located. Keep hands away from blades.
  • Inspect the blades daily, and after hitting a hard object.
  • Make sure that bystanders are at safe distance, about 92 m (300 ft) from mowing operations.
  • Do not mow grass on slopes with an incline steeper than three to one.

Safe Slope Incline

  • Do not cut with mower or blades on downhill side. Cut on the upside of a slope to maintain tractor stability.

Do not cut with mower or blades on downhill side

  • Do not remove materials when blade is running.
  • Do not use damaged or bent mower blades. Replace blades if damaged (bent, gouged, or cracked) or worn more than 25% of the original size.

  • Fact sheet last revised: 2018-08-31