Be Prepared

  • Know your Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Report anything that doesn't seem right.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Each and every worker in Canada has three rights...

  1. The Right to Know
  2. The Right to Participate
  3. The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

Read more about these Rights and Responsibilities and make sure you know,understand and exercise them.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Everyone needs training and to have their job duties or tasks explained to them. Your employer should first explain your job duties, then show you what to do. If you have a good understanding of these tasks, you should be able to explain the tasks back to your supervisor. Once you can do this, try to perform the tasks under supervision - at least for the first few times - to be sure that you understand all the details.

Remember, if you don't understand any instructions, it's okay to ask questions. Understanding instructions means that you will have a much greater chance of doing the work properly and safely.

Report Anything That Doesn't Seem Right

When something happens at work, and you don't think its been handled correctly, or you see something that doesn't seem safe, don't be afraid to report it. Your Personnel or Human Resources Department should have the form(s) you need to file a report or talk to your Health & Safety Committee Representative. [ More about...]