Rules To Work By

Follow these eight basic rules for working safely and you'll be off to a safe and healthy start:

  • DOs
    • ASK your supervisor to slow down and repeat the instructions if you are given too much information, too fast.
    • ASK for help, if you are unsure of anything. A supervisor or co-worker might help you prevent an accident from happening.
    • WEAR the proper personal protective equipment for the task. For example, if you are using safety shoes, hard hat or gloves, be sure that you know when to wear protective gear, where to find it, how to use it and how to care for it.
    • ASK what to do in an emergency situation, whether it is a fire alarm, power failure or other situation.
    • REPORT any accidents to your supervisor immediately.
  • DO NOTs:
    • DO NOT PERFORM any task until you have been properly trained.
    • DO NOT LEAVE your work area unless you've been told to do so. Other parts of the work site may have special hazards you don't know about. (i.e. overhanging power lines, slippery floors, toxic chemicals, etc).
    • DO NOT HESITATE to ask for more training.