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What does an office worker do?

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Office staff may type or file documents, correspondence, reports, statements and other material. Their workstation usually has a computer/laptop/keyboard and telephone, among other equipment.

The main duties of an office worker include:

  • Answer telephone or personal enquiries.
  • Photocopy and collate documents.
  • Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing and database systems.
  • Open, sort and route incoming mail and courier packages.
  • Process reports, applications, receipts, expenditures and other documents, using a computer.

What are some health and safety issues for office workers?

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Office environments present a number of hazards, including:

What are some preventive measures for office workers?

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  • Learn about how to avoid musculoskeletal pain or injury from repetitive or physically awkward tasks. Take breaks as needed.
  • Learn safe lifting techniques.
  • Keep all work areas clear of clutter.
  • Set-up your workstation ergonomically. Have a competent person assess your workstation for ergonomic issues.
  • Know how to relax strained body parts by doing correct stretching exercises.
  • Know emergency evacuation plan and procedures.
  • Know personal or individual risk factors.

What are some good general safe work practices?

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  • Fact sheet last revised: 2014-12-02