Work and Cannabis: They Just Don’t Mix

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada but that doesn’t mean workers can use it on the job. Like alcohol, cannabis can affect your judgement, coordination and ability to think clearly - affecting your safety and the safety of those around you.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about cannabis and work, and how they just don’t mix:

Parent/Guardian Guide in PDF

Talk to the young worker in your life about cannabis and help them make an informed decision, particularly as it relates to safety in the workplace. Here are some tips and guidelines to help with the discussion.

Presentation in PowerPoint format

Use this PowerPoint presentation to introduce the issue of cannabis and impairment, and how it can impact safety at work.

Student Assignment in PDF

Here are exercises you can provide in class to help your students actively reflect on cannabis and workplace safety.

Facilitator Notes in PDF

Guidance on how to use the presentation and student assignment to educate youth on cannabis, impairment, and their safety at work.

Cannabis and Work Infographic

Cannabis and Work Infographic
[Text version of the Infographic]

Share this infographic that shows how cannabis can affect your safety, some tips if you’re curious about cannabis, and what you need to do as a worker.

Download the infographic as an image to print it out