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What do mechanics do?

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Mechanics work in many different industries, including aviation, automotive, commercial, industrial and residential settings. Some of their main duties are to:

  • Install, repair and maintain mechanical systems.
  • Prepare cost estimates and documentation for clients.
  • Use, clean and maintain various equipment and machines.
  • Supervise apprentices or other workers.

What are some health and safety issues for mechanics?

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Mechanics work in a variety of settings and may be exposed to several hazards, including:

What are some preventive measures for mechanics?

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  • Keep tools and equipment in good working order.
  • Work safely with chemicals and related products.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment for the task, including footwear.
  • Keep work areas clear of clutter and equipment.
  • Avoid awkward positions, and repetitive tasks, or take frequent breaks.
  • Learn safe lifting techniques.
  • Follow a recommended shift work pattern and know the associated hazards.
  • Inspect the work area before work starts to identify potential hazards and their controls.
  • Follow workplace policies and procedures relating to preventing workplace violence and harassment

Please also see the series of OSH Answers fact sheets on how to work safely in a garage, which includes autobody repair, batteries, fuel safety, hydraulic lifts, inflating tires, servicing vehicles and other topics.

What are some good general safe work practices?

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  • Fact sheet first published: 2017-09-14
  • Fact sheet last revised: 2024-04-30