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March, 2020
Common Cold Revised
Courses in OH&S Canada Revised
Good Hygiene Practices - Reducing the Spread of Infections and Viruses Revised
Fall Protection - Travel Restraint System Revised
Coronavirus Revised
Business Continuity Plan - Pandemic NEW
February, 2020
Joint Health and Safety Committee - Creation Revised
Hand Washing: Reducing the Risk of Common Infections Revised
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Revised
Influenza Revised
Fall Protection - Toeboards NEW
Ergonomic Chair Revised
Violence in the Workplace Revised
Forklift Trucks - Hazards of Propane Revised
Working Alone - General Revised
Medical History Checklist: Symptoms Survey for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) Revised
Propane Revised
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Revised
Conveyors - Ergonomics Revised
January, 2020
Rabies Revised
Hotel Housekeeping Revised
Conveyors - Safety Revised
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) - Classification Revised
First Aid - Administering Naloxone (naloxone hydrochloride) Revised
Opioids (including Fentanyl) – Precautions for first responders Revised
November, 2019
OH&S Legislation in Canada - Due Diligence Revised
Metalworking Fluids Revised
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Revised
Incident Investigation Revised
Emergency Planning Revised
Canadian Government Departments Responsible for OH&S Revised
Noise - Basic Information Revised
Cold Environments - Health Effects and First Aid Revised
OHS Posting Requirements Revised
Fall Protection - Guardrails NEW
October, 2019
Telework / Telecommuting Revised
Fall Protection - Safety Net Systems Revised
Who Pays for PPE? NEW
Purchasing Ergonomic Office Furniture Revised
Lasers - Health Care Facilities Revised
Working Alone - Handling Money Revised
Lighting Ergonomics - Survey and Solutions Revised
Violence in the Workplace - Working Late Revised
September, 2019
Lighting Ergonomics - General Revised
Electrical Safety - Basic Information Revised
August, 2019
Provincial Workers' Compensation Boards in Canada Revised
How to Work Safely with - Static Electricity Revised
Emergency Management Checklist Revised
OH&S Legislation in Canada – Injury Reporting Revised
Woodworking Machines - Wood Turning Lathes Revised
Woodworking Machines - Radial Arm Saws Revised
Woodworking Machines - Sanders Revised
Woodworking Machines - Shapers Revised
Woodworking Machines - Table Saws Revised
Sling Choosing - Choosing Slings Revised
Diabetes in the Workplace Revised
Weather - High Winds NEW
Working in extreme conditions NEW
July, 2019
Forklift Trucks - Traffic Management NEW
Workplace Housekeeping - Checklist for Stockpiling Revised
Tendon Disorders Revised
Opioids in the Workplace NEW
Tennis Elbow Revised
Humidex Rating and Work Revised
Woodworking Machines - Mitre Saws Revised
Woodworking Machines - Jointers and Planers Revised
Chainsaws - Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Revised
Chainsaws - Kickback Revised
Benzene Revised
June, 2019
Forklift Trucks - Maintaining Truck Control Revised
Woodworking Machines - Band Saws Revised
Woodworking Machines - General Safety Tips Revised
MMH - Introduction Revised
MMH - General Practice Revised
MMH - Materials Flow Revised
MMH - Hoisting and Moving Heavy Objects Revised
Materials Handling - Use of Materials Hoists Revised
May, 2019
Materials Handling - Fibre Rope Slings Revised
Materials Handling - Metal Mesh Slings Revised
Cold Environments - General Revised
Materials Handling - Plate Clamp Inspection and Use Revised
April, 2019
OH&S Legislation in Canada - Three Rights of Workers NEW
OH&S Legislation in Canada – Responsibilities of Directors or Senior Managers NEW
OH&S Legislation in Canada - Basic Responsibilities Revised
Ladders - Extension Revised
Materials Handling - Overhead Crane Operation Revised
Materials Handling - Lifting With Eye Bolts Revised
Materials Handling - Slinging on Overhead Crane Hooks Revised
Materials Handling - Use of Shackles Revised
Materials Handling - Wire Rope Slings Revised
Cold Environments - Working in the Cold Revised

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