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Healthy Minds at Work Button

Healthy Minds at Work Button

Wear your support for a mentally healthy workplace.

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Reinforce your efforts to foster a mentally healthy workplace with “Working Well Together” buttons that your employees can proudly wear during the work day. Designed to complement the Healthy Minds at Work poster, these tools together help to raise awareness of mental health issues while demonstrating your organization's commitment to a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

For more information on how to improve workplace mental health for everyone, visit the Healthy Minds @ Work website. This collection of online resources can help workplaces increase their understanding and recognition of mental health issues at work, address existing issues, and develop effective approaches to promoting mental health at work.

Poster Also Available

Demonstrate your commitment to creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace by displaying this matching Healthy Minds at Work poster. Together, the button and the poster help to raise awareness of the issue with the aim of improving mental health for everyone.

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