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Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Learn why domestic violence is a workplace issue, and what employers and employees can do about it.

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Duration: 1 hour
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Course Details

Format: e-Course
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English/French
License Options: Single Seat (90 days access)
Multi-seat (1 year access)

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used by one person to gain power and control over another with whom he/she has or has had a personal relationship. It may include physical violence, sexual, emotional and psychological intimidation, verbal abuse or manipulation, stalking, and the use of electronic devices to harass and control.

Although domestic violence may not be recognized by some employers or workers as a workplace hazard, it can interfere with the victim at work and impact a workplace – and employers should address this issue.

Topics include:

  • Defining domestic violence
  • Including domestic violence as part of a violence prevention program
  • Taking action
  • Disclosure
  • Elements of a workplace domestic violence education program

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Understand the effects of domestic violence in the workplace, on the organization and on its workers
  • Recognize the signs of and symptoms of domestic violence
  • Identify the roles of the employer, supervisors and employees in supporting victims, and preventing related workplace violence
  • Use the practical suggestions to include domestic violence in your workplace’s violence prevention program.

This course was developed in collaboration with the Public Services Health and Safety Association.

Target Audience

This course is recommended for employers, employees, managers, and supervisors.



Delivery Method

This course is delivered as an on-line e-learning course. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet - and you are ready to go! This e-learning course is designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your own convenience.

Review Process

CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists in the field, and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government to ensure the content and approach are unbiased and credible.

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