Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
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e-Learning Modules  
The e-learning version of Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors includes 8 modules, each with its own objective.These objective are described below
Module 1 Safety Principles and Risk Management
  Objective: To provide a framework needed to establish management’s role in the protection of people, property and material
Module 2 Legislation
  Objective: To provide the structure and the essential components of Canadian occupational health and safety legislation
Module 3 Hazard Recognition and Control
  Objective: To provide the skills for identifying hazards associated with machine and equipment operation, and for developing standard procedures & practices to prevent such hazards
Module 4 Emergency Preparedness and Fire Prevention
  Objective: To outline step-by-step procedures for ensuring safe work practices and methods for dealing with workplace emergencies
Module 5 Occupational Hygiene
  Objective: To provide an overview of hazardous exposures in the workplace, related health risks, and methods of controlling such exposures
Module 6 Ergonomics
  Objective: To provide an overview of the methods of recognition and control of work-related musculoskeletal disorders
Module 7 Workplace Inspection and Accident Investigation
  Objective: To introduce process of identifying potential hazards and to provide skills for investigating and reporting accidents, incidents and hazardous conditions
Module 8 Program Development and Implementation
  Objective: To outline the elements of an effective health and safety program and to present a step-by-step approach for developing, implementing and evaluating health and safety programs