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Managing Pain from Physical and Psychosocial Workplace Demands 

Explore strategies to manage the pain resulting from physical and psychosocial demands in the workplace.


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All pain is real. For some, it is a debilitating part of their everyday experience in the workplace. One in five people experience ongoing pain, from low back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome to migraines. Understanding more about workplace demands and why things hurt can help treat pain, while adjusting daily lifestyle practices can have a significant impact on improving pain levels, health, and performance.

This course explores the physical and psychosocial demands common to the modern workplace and the influence they have on musculoskeletal disorders and the experience of pain.

Topics include:

  • How and why we experience pain
  • How the physical demands of the workplace influence pain
  • How the psychosocial demands of the workplace influence pain
  • The link between workplace physical and psychosocial demands
  • Lifestyle practices to reduce pain and improve physical and mental health

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand pain and why we experience it
  • Explain the impact that physical and psychosocial demands have on musculoskeletal disorders
  • Incorporate strategies to reduce pain
  • Access resources to improve physical and mental health

Average time to complete this course is approximately 60 minutes.

Target Audience

  • All workers, including managers, supervisors and health and safety committee members
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about pain management



Delivery Method

This course is delivered as an on-line e-learning course. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet - and you are ready to go! This e-learning course is designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your own convenience.

Review Process

CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists in the field, and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government to ensure the content and approach are unbiased and credible.

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