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It is now faster and easier than ever before to order CCOHS Products & Services online using our new and improved e-commerce system.

You can now:

  • Register for an e-course and start learning without delay;
  • Gain immediate access to a database;
  • Sign up to attend an event or webinar; or
  • Buy a health & safety pocket guide in print or electronic format.

These services are now available online, anytime from
anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Here's How It Works

  1. Choose a product or service that suits your need(s).
    1. Click on the Products & Services tab in the main navigation bar from any page on our website.Screenshot of the CCOHS web site's sidebar.
    2. From the main Products & Services page:Screenshot of the CCOHS web site's main Products & Services page.
      • choose the category of product you are interested in such as special services, courses, databases, publications, etc.,
      • use our handy Products & Services Listings pages to locate a product or service alphabetically, by subject or by type.
    3. From the Category Listing page click on the product name or the BUY ONLINE button to go to the product page.
      Screenshot of the CCOHS web site's databases listing
  2. Place your order... or read more about the product or service
    1. On the product page read the detailed product description and follow links to other relevant information.
    2. In the Place Your Order box use the drop lists to select available options for the product. The price shown in the green box is dynamic and reflects the options chosen as well as quantity discounts, mult-user discounts, etc.
    3. Add the item to your shopping cart to begin the simple, secure Check Out process.
      Screenshot of the CCOHS web site's Products & Services Order page
  3. Check Out
    1. If desired, create an e-commerce account to simplify future purchases. This account will allow you to track orders and access your purchase history.[More about...]Screenshot of the CCOHS web site's Order box. Create an account.

      If you choose not to create an account you can still proceed through the checkout using a Visitor Cart.


    2. Proceed through the Check Out by:
      • Filling in your billing and shipping information
      • Choosing your shipping method and/or setting up your web subscription access
      • Reviewing your order summary
      • Printing the invoice page for your records
      Use the progress bar (illustrated here) to monitor your progress through the Check Out area. It can also be used as a navigation tool as well as a visual aid.
      Screenshot of the CCOHS web site' progress bar.

Remember to download from the invoice page any PDF publication(s) that you may have purchased.

If you have any questions regarding our e-commerce system, contact Client Services at

1-800-668-4284 (Canada or US) or
1-905-570-8094 (International).