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GHS Classification and Labelling Webinars Package
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Product Description

Access three practical webinars to help your organization prepare for GHS implementation.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is being implemented around the world. The GHS introduces significant changes to how the hazards of chemical products are identified and the way that workplace chemicals are labelled. These webinars will help you understand how substances and mixtures are classified according to the GHS. These webinars were written largely according to the 3rd Revised Edition of the GHS purple book, with consideration of changes published in the 4th and 5th revised editions. The webinars do not necessarily reflect specific requirements found in Canada's proposed Hazardous Products Regulations or in the US Hazard Communication Standard (2012). The building blocks of GHS, however, remain the same and this webinar series will assist you in understanding the basics of classifying using the GHS system and how to create a GHS label.

This series includes the following recorded webinar sessions, each approximately 60 minutes in length:

Target Audience

CCOHS developed these introductory sessions to help those responsible for classification and labelling of chemical products understand the basics of the GHS requirements.

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This webinar series was recorded in December 2013.

System Requirements

You must have Windows Media 9.0 or higher to view the recorded webinar. You do not need a microphone or a telephone to listen to this webinar - just listen to the presentation through your computer's speakers or headphones.

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