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Best RTW Practices for Workers with Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Conditions
Presenter:  Renée-Louise Franche, Ph.D.
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Product Description

This webinar will bring you up-to-date on best practices for the most effective workplace return-to-work (RTW) programs for injured or ill workers, based on the latest research evidence.

In this recorded session, Dr. Renée-Louise Franche, one of Canada's leading RTW researchers, will present findings from two systematic research reviews of RTW programs. These reviews address two common conditions accounting for most work disability costs: soft-tissue injuries, also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and mental health conditions. The reviews were conducted at the Institute for Work & Health in Ontario, and at the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in British Columbia.

The first review on MSDs led to a guide popular among those involved in return to work, the Seven Principles for Successful Return to Work. The most recent review on mental health resulted in a guide called Best Practices for Return-to-Work/ Stay-at-Work Interventions for Workers with Mental Health Conditions. Participants are encouraged to download these two free guides before the webinar:

You will learn

  • The key elements of successful workplace-based return-to-work interventions, based on the latest research evidence.
  • Practical disability prevention and management strategies and concepts to apply directly into your own workplace.
  • The importance of using quality research to get successful results in your RTW programs.

Target audience

  • Disability managers/return-to-work professionals
  • Health and safety professionals and representatives
  • Human resources professionals
  • Health-care professionals treating injured workers
  • Managers, supervisors and business owners
  • Insurers and policy-makers
  • Anyone interested in health and safety or return to work

About the Presenter

Dr. Franche is a clinical psychologist and a consultant in work disability prevention and occupational health. She is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, at the School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia, and at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and is also an adjunct scientist at the Institute for Work & Health.

Dr. Franche has extensive expertise in return-to-work research. Her research focuses on developing a better understanding of how organizational, healthcare, and individual factors contribute to safe, sustainable, and healthy return to work following injury or ill health. Her work has helped shape return-to-work interventions and policies, including those at the Work Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. She has led a systematic review examining the impact of workplace-based return-to-work interventions, and a longitudinal cohort study of injured workers, focusing on quality of life, mental health, and work accommodation issues. More recently, she has focused on the development of Best Practices for return-to-work/stay-at-work interventions for workers with mental health conditions, on the role of multimorbidity, depression, and pain as risk factors for work absence and work limitations in Canadian nurses, and disability management in rural areas. She has published over 45 scientific papers, most of them in the area of work disability prevention, and has a strong commitment to generating research findings which are useful and relevant to stakeholders and to workers.

Length: 90 minutes

This webinar was originally broadcast on November 17, 2010.

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System Requirements

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